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Let’s Talk New Beauty Products…

Hello my beauties! ❤

Today’s post will be a full first impressions and review of some new products I have not tried up until recently.  However, some of these products, if not all of them, have been out in the beauty world for awhile.

Here are all the products I will be talking about today;

first impressions and review products

First products up are the ‘Make Up For Ever – Ultra HD’ foundation and concealer.  I received these as samples (a total of 2 foundation shades and 2 concealer shades) and chose to use the shade “Y325” for foundation and the shade “R30” as my concealer.

There was a lot to live up to with both products so I was anxious to try them.  The foundation color was a little too dark for my skin, but would be a nice match for when I self tan.  It had excellent coverage, glided on and blended beautifully.

The concealer though, completely hooked me!  The coverage was amazing, it blended so nice, and didn’t leave creasing under my eyes.  I am so surprised I haven’t heard about this product more from other bloggers or beauty lovers.

These products are a little on the pricey side, and I have heard the L.A. Girl pro coverage is a dupe and the L.A Girl pro concealer is amazing as well.  Possibly my next review since both can be found at Ulta stores now! 🙂

Second product up for review is the ‘Wet n Wild – megaglo dual-ended contour stick’ in the shade ‘light/medium’.  I only tried the contour side so far because I used the MUFE concealer for my makeup look.

I love the convenient packaging of this product so I can just throw it in my makeup bag and bring it on the go with me.  As far as the contour shade itself, I do love the fact it has a slight grey undertone which is ideal for contouring.  It was easy to apply, but a little difficult to blend.  I wish the formula was a little more creamy.  However, for being a drugstore brand (only $4.99 for this product) it isn’t bad!

Third product up is the ‘Benefit Cosmetics – Galifornia Blush’.  This product, along with two other products I’ll be talking about in this post,  came in the Benefit Cosmetics ‘Sunday My Prince Will Come’ weekender makeup kit.

The color of this blush is honestly what drew me into purchasing that kit.  It is a beautiful peach/pink color absolutely perfect for this time of year.  The packaging, just like most Benefit products, is adorable!  And it includes a mini brush and mirror so you can keep this in your purse as well for any touch ups.

The formula is flawless as is just blended right into my entire makeup look.  I will note that I didn’t use the brush it came with, so I don’t know if that will make much of a difference.   A little does go a long way too, so just keep that in mind. 😉  All in all, I loved it!

Fourth product up, also was in the weekender makeup kit by Benefit Cosmetics, is the ‘High Beam – liquid highlighter’.  I don’t know how I haven’t tried this product up until now, but I am so very happy I did!

The packaging is a little basic, but don’t let that fool you, because the product itself, it absolutely amazing.  It is described as being a “satiny pink” and they are spot on with that description.

I placed 3-4 dots of this product on the highest points of my cheekbones and blended it with my ring finger.  It is a liquid, so I usually always set my liquids with a powder.  To set this, I used the first highlighter shade in the “bh cosmetics X Carli Bybel – eyeshadow & highlighter palette”.  I instantly fell in love! ❤


Next product is from the ‘MAC – Work It Out’ collection.  It is the ‘Prep + Prime Fix+’ in the scent ‘Rose’.  This was a gift for my birthday from a friend, along with the two other limited edition scents, Lavender & Coconut.

I really wish these weren’t limited edition, and I am sure most of you would agree. 😉

I have used the regular Prep + Prime Fix+ for awhile, so I know the product is amazing.  I also use it to help intensify my shimmer eye shadow by spraying the product on my brush then applying it to my eye lid.

The scent immediately reminded me of the ‘Mario Badescu – Facial Spray’.  But. the MAC product I found to be much more effective for myself.

Ok babes, we are almost to the end!

The second last product, also a product from the ‘Benefit Cosmetics weekender makeup kit’, is their ‘Gimme Brow – Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel’ in the shade 03.

I was honestly expecting to be blown away by this product from what I have heard, but I just wasn’t.  The shade was a nice match for me, but the product itself, I didn’t find it worked well.  It took a couple coats to actually get the color to show up on my brow, and it didn’t really set.  I mean usually when I use a gel on my brows, they don’t budge.  That was not the case with this product.

Overall, not a product I would spend the extra cash on. 😦

Last product up is the ‘Too Faced – Melted Matte’ in the shade ‘Queen B’.  This is a sample size because it came in the Sephora Favorites – Give Me Some Nude Lip set.

The color is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and partners well with my hair color.  It is a matte liquid lipstick, so it does dry down yet comfortable on the lips.

I found the shade to be quite similar to ‘Colourpop – Ultra Matte Lip‘ in the shade ‘Trap‘.

To test out this lipstick from Too Faced, I wore it out for date night.  So we had gone out to eat and went to the movies.  I did noticed after dinner that a lot of the lipstick had already come off and I didn’t bring the lipstick with me to do touch ups.  And by the time we got home, I would say about 75% off the lipstick was gone.  If anyone has any tips to help make the lipstick last longer throughout the day, please let me know.  I really do love the color and formula, but that was the only issue I experienced.

From the products I mentioned today, have any of you tried them?  What were your experiences like with the products?  Let me know 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk New Beauty Products…

  1. Hi, I recently bought the Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in the shade “Sell Out”, but didn’t test it for a long time, only a hour. I wore it with the Too Faced lip primer and it was really confortable and matte, and maybe it helps with the longivity. If you can, I would recomend you to test the lipstick with the lip primer, maybe it helps! :b


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