My Go-To Contour & Highlight Products

Hello my beauties ❤

I wanted to share with you all my go-to contour & highlight products lately.  These are products that I tend to use on the regular whether I am going to work or out with my girls, and trust me, it shows.

Let’s start with contour products.  I typically do my contour with powder products, but there is one cream palette that is an exception.  It is a drug-store product, and worth every penny!

Here is the “Cream Contour Palette” by e.l.f cosmetics.  The formula is incredibly creamy and blends like a dream.  I can not believe this product is only $6!  It seems just too good to be true.  Super convenient for traveling too.

It contains one concealer shade and three contour shades.  The concealer shade is OK, but I do prefer a little lighter.  The contour shades are all amazing, though the bottom right in this photo is my favorite for my skin tone.


Next two contour products are both powders, but very different from one another.  Staying in the drug-store lane, here is the “Coloricon Contouring Palette” by wet n wild.  This is in the shade “Caramel Toffee”, however I do know the company has changed its formula over the past year.  So I haven’t tried that one yet, and clearly I need to soon since I have hit pan on this one.

This palette does include a higlight as well, but it honestly isn’t for me.  The contour shade is absolute perfect with it’s slight grey undertone.  The formula is nice and blends well.  And a big bonus for me, it isn’t chalky.  For only $4.99, it is a must!


This contour product is quite different from the last.  It is more high end and some would even say it is actually a “bronzer”.  Here is the “Hoola Bronzer” by Benefit Cosmetics.

This is actually a mini size that came in a gift set, but I use it very sparingly because it is quite pricey.  ($29)

And yes, I would agree that this is a bronzer, but it works beautifully for contour too!


Next up is a product that contains both highlight and contour, is pretty much a staple in my everyday routine, affordable, and interchangeable.

Here is the “Highlight & Contour Pro Palette” by NYX Cosmetics.

I feel absolutely embarrassed because of how nasty this looks, but it just goes to show ya’ll how much I love it!  So much that I have already bought replacements for some.

And that highlight shade…simply stunning!  Just keep in mind that a little goes a long way with it too.

This palette runs for $25 each and I think that is pretty reasonable.  You’re getting 8 shades, and you can even pick up others to customize what you want in your very own palette.


Leading right into highlight, here are my last two products!  Oddly enough, both are drug-store and from the same company.  However, one was a limited edition product while the other became such a favorite that it is now permanent.

Here is the “Coloricon Blush & Glow Trio” and “Megaglo Highlight Powder” both by Wet n Wild.

The trio in the shade “Sunset Junction” is great for traveling because it has your highlight, bronzer and blush all in one.   Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a photo that truly captured both product’s beauty.


And this megaglo highlighting powder in the shade “precious petals” gives me the perfect glow for Spring & Summer.  Just be aware that there is a lot of fall out as you can tell from this photo.


Granted these are drug-store products, and their staying power isn’t all day, but both of these are beautiful and affordable.  The megaglo highlight powder will only set you back $4.99. (I don’t remember how much the trio was, but I do know it was under $10!)

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned in today’s post?  Let me know!

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