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First Impressions: Sephora Favorites “Give Me Some Nude Lip”

Hello my beauties! ❤

Happy Monday!  Hoping everyone enjoyed their weekend and maybe even their Cinco De Mayo celebrations 😉

Nothing beats the Monday blues more than talking about some makeup, am I right?  With that being said, I want to do my first impression/review of the Sephora Favorites; Give Me Some Nude Lip set I purchased through Sephora’s website.

I know there are about 3-4 of these nude lip sets out there, so I believe this is the second latest one.  (Really bummed I can’t find the newest set!)  From what I understand, there was a set that only had five products inside, while this one contains six!  And the packaging always gets me, you guys know this!  I love that the shape of the box is lips and it is reusable.

Now let’s get into the products!

Nude Lip Set Sephora

As you can see, there is a variety of options (brands & styles of lip products) with this set, which I really do like.  You can never have too many options.  💋

Let’s start with the far left.  This is by URBAN DECAY and it is their “Vice Lipstick” in the shade ‘1993’.  This is a comfort matte, meaning it dries down matte, but is still comfortable on the lips with some moisture.

I do love how fitting the name is!  It definitely reminds me of the 90’s with the dark brown lipstick and bold lip liners.

Personally though, this isn’t a color I would be reaching for quite often.  But I do love the formula of the lipstick.

UD Vice

Next lip product is by MARC JACOBS BEAUTY and this is their “Le Marc Lip Crème” in the shade ‘246 Slow Burn’.

I was excited about this lippie because I do have the same lip product only in a different shade, and I love it!  This color is also a beautiful mauve shade with just a little more pink.  This lipstick also has lots of pigmentation, so no need to keep layering!

marc jacobs

Third lip product up is one I have recently been talking about a lot!  It is by TOO FACED COSMETICS and it is their “Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick” in the shade ‘Queen B’.

I am honestly such a huge fan of pretty much every Too Faced product I try.  I know I mentioned that this lipstick had some issues lasting throughout my meals/hours.  But I have been playing around more with it, and found if I wear a lip balm as my base/primer, it lasts much longer!

And this specific shade, every time I wear it, I always get complimented on how beautiful the color is.  I highly recommend checking it out and give it a try.


The next brand I have never tried until I purchased this set, but the hype around this brand has left me quite anxious.

This is the BITE BEAUTY “Amuse Bouche Lipstick” in the shade ‘Honeycomb’.  I must say that the packaging is very sleek and sophisticated, yet simple.

As far as the actual formula goes, I love it!  It glides right on my lips, wears very comfortable, and even has a nice scent to it.  The color is very beautiful as well.  I think this is a shade that would be complimentary to all skin tones which is always a bonus!

bite beautyMoving on from lipsticks, here is BUXOM‘s “Full-On Lip Cream” in the shade ‘White Russian’.

Let me just start by saying this product smells so delicious.  I usually don’t wear lip glosses (cream) too often, because lets be honest here.  The worst is when it ends up being windy outside, and your hair gets into your glossy lipstick.  UGH!

And quite honestly, this gloss/cream applies like most glosses.  Not a ton of pigmentation, but a slight hue of color.  I don’t necessarily believe this is a product I would spend a lot of money on. 😦


Ok babes, here we go!  Last product up is actually a lip liner.  I am so excited for this because I don’t have a ton of lip liners and this is actually a color I would wear.  I have also heard mixed reviews on this brand, so I will have to put it to the test myself.

Here is THE ESTÈE EDIT BY ESTÈE LAUDER “The Barest – Contour Lip Liner” in the shade ’05 – In The Buff’.  The packaging reminds me a lot of Colourpop’s lip liners.  Anybody else think the same thing?

Also, this is a retractable product, but for some reason mine won’t go down.  Quite disappointing.

The shade and formula both seem to be pretty good from my first impression.  I haven’t used it more than once, but so far so good!


There you have it beauties!  Which lip product was your favorite first impression?  Let me know.

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4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Sephora Favorites “Give Me Some Nude Lip”

  1. I have only tried the Marc Jacobs one in a different shade because I got it as a birthday gift last year lol. The formula is really nice. I would love to try the melted ones from Too Faced


    1. I tried the birthday Marc shade as well! So pretty. I still am curious about 1993 – I’ve wanted to wear those browns since 1993 but my mom wouldn’t let me! 😂


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