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Sephora Play! Box – August 2017

Hello my beauties! ❤ And happy Friday, we made it!

I can’t believe how early I received my Sephora Play box this month.  Normally it is towards the end of the month that it gets delivered, but this month, it was around the end of the first week in August.  I am A-OK with that by the way… 😉

August’s theme was “The Innovators”.  The breakdown basically being that this month’s picks were products that helped pave the future of beauty.  After last month’s epic fail, I was really hoping August would make up for it, and it most definitely did!

August Sephora

Per usual, the box includes a booklet giving us a more in-depth look into the five products we received. (How to use, why they were chosen, and a little about the brand)  August’s booklet also included a diagram which sort of resembled a periodic table.  This is to show us what ingredients are hard at work to help power our products.

For example, if the box is green, it means the products contain plant extracts & other naturals.  Green Tea is a green box and it can be found in serums & moisturizers and it is best for anti-aging & antioxidants.  (How awesome is this idea?!)

So now let’s get into the actual products.  Here is what I received in my August Box:

  • BeautyBlender – BeautyBlender Micro.Mini
  • Too Faced – Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil
  • Kat Von D – Lock-It Concealer Creme #11
  • Sol de Janeiro – Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
  • Living Proof – Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
  • This Month’s Perfume: Kat Von D “Saint & Sinner”

August Sephora 3

Every single product is new to me, so it was really hard to choose my favorite!  But if I had to go off of first impression, I was most excited for the “Sol de Janeiro” Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.  I have been debating purchasing the sample size (even though it is $20 at Sephora!) to see if it is worth the big hype.  So to receive this product as a sample, I was excited.  And yes, it smells absolutely amazing! 🌴

This product’s cool factor is as follows:

“The rare & highly potent ingredient in this all-over moisturizer is naturally derived guaraná, a native Amazonian berry that contains caffeine to tighten and firm skin.”


Now for my least excited product.  That would have to be the Kat Von D perfume set.  While I love that this box included two samples, I have already tested these out at Sephora.  I didn’t like them either. 😞  However, I do enjoy ‘Saint’ much more over ‘Sinner’.  And the packaging of the full size perfumes is absolutely gorgeous!  I just prefer my perfumes to be very feminine and floral.  These didn’t quite fit that preference for me.

I do plan on testing out all of these products more in-depth through out the next few weeks, so stay tuned to my Instagram to see updates!  Don’t forget to “follow” me on my social media platforms.  Thanks for reading babes! 💋

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2 thoughts on “Sephora Play! Box – August 2017

  1. I haven’t tried the perfume samples (I got KVD ones too) but I’m hoping I like them. I feel like it’s really disappointing when something is super hyped, but then you don’t like a certain product


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