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Mini Beauty Hauls

Hello my beauties! ❤

Over the past few months and weeks, I have been making small beauty hauls here and there.  Some products & brands are new to me and some products are re-purchases because I loved them so much.

I wanted to share them all with you babes and maybe get some ideas of brands or products that ya’ll are loving as well.

Let’s start with some products I picked up a few months ago when I was in the Carolina’s.  I did share some photos over on my instagram, so if you follow me there, you have probably already seen these.

While shopping at a local mall in North Carolina, I naturally stopped inside Sephora.  At the time, there were some sales going on and I managed to snag these two beauties for only $8 each!

Anastasia Glosses

These Anastasia Beverly Hills Glosses usually run for $16 each, but were 50% off.  A lot of colors were already sold out, but I was definitely crushing on these two.  This brand of glosses is actually new to me.  I think I have only tried one product by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I believe it was a sample brow gel.  Yep, I own none of their palettes or anything!  Crazy, I know…

The first color is “Petal” and the second color is “Venom“.  Both glosses are very comfortable on the lips with their creamy formula and they have an insane amount of pigmentation!

Anastasia GlossAnastasia Gloss 2

Next haul also came from Sephora (are you surprised??) but more recently here in Orlando.  My friend and I were heading to the movies and we were super early so we had time to spare.  Of course we stopped inside Sephora and managed to spend 2.5 hours in there! 😳 Yet, we didn’t even go through the entire store in that time.  How that is possible is beyond me.

Also what is shocking is that fact that I walked out of there only purchasing three items.  While my friend had an entire bag.  🛍

sephora haul

The first item is a re-purchase because I fell in love with the sample I received in a Sephora Play box.  That is the Sephora brand “Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover“.  It is the smaller size, and you can find it near the cash wrap when you’re waiting in line.

Those lashes though!  Am I the only one that didn’t know House of Lashes and Sephora Collaborated?!  And yes, they had the HOL lash glue inside the store as well.  It wasn’t easy choosing lashes because ya’ll know I LOVE my falsies.  Sometimes people will ask why I don’t just get lash extensions.  Well, for many reasons!  One reason being I can’t change up my lash style every day with extensions.  I mean, there are times I want a real dramatic eye lash, then other times I want a more natural, wispy look.  Hence the beauty of falsies. 😘  I believe the HOL set was $14 and the Sephora Collection set was $10.

Alright, the next product I had picked up over the last few weeks is this absolutely gorgeous eye shadow palette from Ulta.  I remember stopping in there because it was the last day to use the 20% off EVERYTHING in store coupon, and I had to get some other stuff.  But once I got to the register and saw this beauty on sale ($18) AND was able to use my coupon, it was mine!

This is the Urban DecayShadow Box” eye shadow palette.  This brand is definitely not new to me, but this specific palette is.  I have yet to try it out, but once I do, I plan on posting some eye looks for you all.

Urban Decay Palette

Last but not least, is another purchase from Sephora.  Who else practically lives at Sephora or at 🙋 🙋

Ya’ll know I have really been into skin care lately.  I have been trying new products out and seeing what really works for me and what is just a major fail.  This Summer in Florida, my skin has been dry yet oily, a few more breakouts than normal, and allergies are just not helping.

Once I saw this set for sale on the Sephora website, I knew I had to try it.  I mean the packaging alone sold me with it’s marble box and the fact it said ‘limited edition’.  😍

This is the “Sephora Favorites: Skin Super Foods” set.  I purchased it for I believe $39, which I think is pretty reasonable for all these amazing products!

Has anyone else tried these products or purchased this set?  If so, what are your thoughts?


Well babes, we have reached the end!  Let me know what products you want a more in-depth review on or maybe see a makeup look with.  Don’t worry though, I am sure there will be more mini-hauls over the next few months!

Until next time “follow” me on my social media platforms.  Thanks for reading! 💋

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