About Me <3


Hi my loves, and welcome to my blog!  I wanted to create a blog where I kept you all updated on everything beauty, from hair and makeup to the latest trends and styles.  

A little about me first.  I am a licensed cosmetologist but I mostly keep my focus towards makeup.  I am also a certified personal trainer, which is my absolute passion!  I went to school for cosmetology right after high school and I thought I would fall in love with the industry and sadly it was the complete opposite.  😦  I still worked in a salon, only as a receptionist and decided I wanted to make a serious career change and so I did.  The fitness industry just gave me a sense of value and made me feel like I was really helping people. 

A couple years went by and I just found myself constantly looking at makeup ideas, makeup products etc on social media sites.  I decided to still keep my main focus on my own business, personal training, but do some part time work with makeup. My Father in law owns his own salon, so he agreed to let me do makeup there part time.  It is pretty much the best of both worlds for me, and I love it!

Since getting back into makeup, I have been given the opportunity to be an affiliate for City Color Cosmetics.  I am blessed to have been given this opportunity to give my opinion/reviews on their makeup products.  I know a lot of you beauties appreciate the true honest opinion when reading the reviews and I thank you for coming back to my blog!

As a thank you, City Color Cosmetics has given me a coupon code for all you beauties!  Click on the link below to save some money on your next order! ❤

Let’s Go Shopping!



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